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No ImageDF_Recruitment

An application form for online gaming clans which asks gaming specific information before allowing a recruit to apply. Has an administration interface which allows an admin to set recruiting parameters.
No ImageGameQuery

Displays the status of a game server and lists players currently playing. Runs on the Game-Q engine. Performs similar to the GameServers module for PHP-Nuke though this GameQuery version was completely recoded from scratch.
No ImageGamerSpace

Allows a user to customize their own private page online with full HTML control. Think of it as a primitive Geocities or Angelfire type of module. Does not allow script and other potentially harmful commands to be used.

This module was never sold or released. It was an experiment in building a foundation for a social networking site. The key to building something like this is stripping out and/or substituting tags by using regular expressions.

This type of script is heavily requested by admins of community and social sites. If given more development time it could add considerable value to any site.
No ImageMTechnik Theme Control Panel

Originally for PHP-Nuke by MTechnik. Ported to DragonflyCMS. Provides an easy way to manage navigation links in the header of a website. Instead of having to edit files then upload via ftp. This module became obsolete in 2007 as DragonflyCMS included a way to edit header links. Though obsolete, it still provides additional capability for custom header links.
No ImagePortfolio
Visit This Site

Even the Portfolio you are viewing right now is a custom coded module with a backend administration interface.

No matter how simple a module may appear to look on the outside, the backend always requires more work.
No ImageSpeed Test

Ported from another CMS by request. Will test the speed from your location to whatever website this module is running on. It's useful for sites which might need to test a users bandwidth to a site. Mostly used on computer related support sites. A user must have javascript enabled for this module to function correctly.

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