New Direction
Sunday, September 23, 2007 (10:54:51)

Posted by Devon

Treasure Coast Designs will be moving in a new direction soon. That of strict commercial development. We will no longer be giving away free design templates, tutorials, or cms addons. Doing so in the past has only proved to be more time consuming to create and support. We will continue to provide the same excellent level of support for our many client sites powered by DragonflyCMS, PHP, and HTML.

Those in need of support for future theme upgrades will be dropped. We will no longer be supporting DragonflyCMS further than version 9.1.2. It's highly recommended that everyone find another theme designer for your DragonflyCMS needs if you plan to continue with the C.M.S. past 9.1.2.

For TCD clients with PHP and HTML powered sites this change of direction will not affect you.

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