Commercial Themes Price Drop
Thursday, August 02, 2007 (22:47:21)

Posted by Devon

TCD currently offers 2 commercial themes for sale. TCD_AquaRadio and TCD_UniversalGame. Aqua Radio was priced at $500. After receiving a lot of complaints on the theme pricing; All theme prices have been reduced dramatically. TCD_AquaRadio has been re-priced at $100 USD.

The newest theme creation TCD_UniversalGame was specifically created for clan/guild gaming sites. It's a dark fixed width (990px) theme with 1 large graphical header image. Most clan sites enjoy building their own header images but still lack the photoshop and coding knowledge to create complex slices for use with DragonflyCMS. This takes care of that need. 1 huge image is made available for your customization needs.

As always customization services and pricing are available for purchase from the store. You can have TCD customize any theme on the planet for you. It doesn't specifically have to be a TCD created theme. We can work with any theme you bring us as long as you have permission to use that theme on your site (and we will check with designers of commercial themes given to us).

All commercial themes available in our theme store will now have a lowered price tag of $100 USD. Themes come with full PSD files for graphics and some icons. Customization services not included with any commercial theme. Commercial licenses limit usage to 1 site. We will give discounts for multiple purchases by a single individual for use on multiple sites.

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